My latest visit

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August, 2015 -- in North Las Vegas

Most of you may not remember me from two years ago (in August). I was at a Sunday breffuss, and also another one at the prior place you were meeting at (on Rainbow?), a year or two before.

I hope to be at breffuss tomorrow. I am here house-sitting for my brother, again.

The GreekGod, Dale Zalaoras

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Just saw your post... welcome back. See you at breakfast

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My current vehicles -

1973 Kawasaki H2 wrecked/in storage (long story - ask me) - I was hit from behind at 2 AM on the US131 freeway, near home. Corvette weaving through traffic at 100mph (witness accounts) - concussion, bruised kidneys, ++

1980 BMW R100RT - 100,000+ miles - bought new in 1981 - in storage since 2001

2001 Aprilia SR560 Ditech (50cc moped) - bought it with 300 miles on it - 8,000 plus on it now -pit bike, short trip fair weather ride

1957 Ford Custom 2dr sedan - went to MN to get it - was from an Indian reservation in South Dakota - in storage - haven't started on it yet

1993 Mercury Grand Marquis - in storage - needs work

2000 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (originally a CHP) - supercharged 5.4 Lightning engine - had it detuned to 580 RWHP

2003 Mercury Marauder, 100,000+ miles, I am the 2nd owner

1979 F-150 4x4 - I ordered it new, and transplanted a 428 PI into it - the 300 I6 threw a rod going back to MI from Las Vegas - local garage in Green River Utah, installed a used 300 to get me home - used 40 quarts of engine oil on the way.

1979 F-350 U-Haul 14' box truck 150,000 miles - a no rust truck from LA/NV area

1997 F-350 U-Haul "chopped top box", I bought from their used truck sales lot (in Henderson), and drove back to MI in 2015 - last year for the MPFI 460 V8 - 8 MPH all the way back (with the hammer down, balls to the wall)

I think that's everything