Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

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Minimizing time that your wheels aren’t turning is the key to maximizing the miles you can cover each day while riding a motorcycle. Although most long distance riders don’t yet use one, a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is one of the accessories that can increase the time spent riding while simultaneously increasing rider safety. (See attached article)

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TPMS. Riding my 2014 through Houston TX on the freeway at 80MPH. Got the red warning indication on the dash of low rear tire pressure. Immediately got it the right land and off to the side of the road. Buy the time I stopped which was less than a minutes after the warning light the rear tire was completely flat. Without the TPMS my assumption is the tire would have gone flat very fast, caused me to look control of keeping the bike in my lane and perhaps crash into an car on my left or right side. It really may have saved my life.